I had talked to Jens Brasch, an artist friend of mine about my idea for a reliquary. He said that what he would find interesting was if I made a drawing every day to go with the reliquary. That idea resonated with me, and I had to think about what kind of paper to use. I found two separate stashes of paper from my dad’s desk–the white paper is stationary from the Baptist Ministers and Missionary Board. The slightly larger, beige paper is Japanese rice paper, “for block prints,” according to my dad’s notes on the paper cover. I salvaged these papers from his office after his death in 1996.

I began with a map of the cove at Fore Point on Squam Lake. Dad had created this map to assist him in sailing into the rocky cove. My first drawing was this simple rendering of the reliquary on it’s pedestals.


About sallie wolf

I am a full-time artist, writer, and avid journal keeper. I am happily married to Chuck Wolf and we have two sons, now grown. I was born in Virginia, have spend as much time as possible in New Hampshire at my family's summer house, and have lived in the Chicago area for most of my adult life.
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