Notes from the Studio

What is a reliquary?

My first trip to Europe left me fascinated with reliquaries–ornate chalices and boxes and holders of the fragmented remains of sacred stuff: some saint’s finger, a bit of the True Cross, a fragment of shroud. I have my own collections of stuff that seem sacred to me–endowed with meaning. So for part of March and April I am constructing/assembling a reliquary dedicated to remains from my memories of my father.

I began with a box that must have once been part of a desk of some sort, and some of the drawers and wooden pieces that used to fit together with it. This box comes from the barn in New Hampshire. We cleaned out the barn a couple of years ago and it was going to go to the dump. I just couldn’t let it go. That’s when I decided I would use it to make a reliquary to/for my dad.


About sallie wolf

I am a full-time artist, writer, and avid journal keeper. I am happily married to Chuck Wolf and we have two sons, now grown. I was born in Virginia, have spend as much time as possible in New Hampshire at my family's summer house, and have lived in the Chicago area for most of my adult life.
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